How to get to my house from Incheon Airport

So here's what you do if you want to get to airport to my house. Unfortunately, the airport is 1.5 hours away from the city and behind some pricey tolls, so it's impractical to pick visitors up. Fortunately, however, public transport is quite foreigner friendly.  So....

  1. Get some money from the ATM.
  2. If your bags are totally unwieldy, you'll want to take a taxi (70,000 won? maybe more, especially at rush hour) or possibly the airport limousine bus for 10,000 won. As of 2014-08, take the number 6011 available outside gates 5B and 12A to Hanseong Univ.  Station. For the taxi, I will send a copy of my address.  I would print it out so you can show the driver. Taxis will take credit cards. Bus requires a travel card or cash.
  3. (2018-12-13: This is no longer correct.) HOWEVER, as of 2014-08, I would recommend taking the AREX (Airport express train) (not the true express, but the airport train/subway) and get off at the second to last stop, Gongdeok. There you can switch to the #6 subway line (brown). Take it in the Bonghwasan direction and get off at Bomun Station, which will be 12 stops away. (Directions for how to use the subway are here: )
  4. Call me when you arrive. Or get in a taxi to go up the hill to my place.