Career advice

Looking for a job or a career? This page offers my thoughts and findings.

2023-05-06: Consulting: If you are thinking of working for a large consulting firm, consider this article on McKinsey as "capital's willing executioners".

2015-02-12: Specialize: You can't expect agencies to be interested in you if you do not have a focus...or cannot fake it. Simply being interested in "development" or "planning" is not enough. You should consider identifying a particular issue or set of issues to use as the core of your professional identify.

2014-10-19: "Things I wish I knew when I started my PhD" by James Hickey. Advice on how to handle your doctoral studies. Seems like a sound list worth reflecting on.

2014-09-18: "The Illustrated Guide to Doing a PhD". A very useful depiction of how a PhD contributes to collective knowledge and one's view of the world.

2014-08-29: "Career Advice for Emerging Planners" is a pamphlet put together by the APA Arizona Mentorship Program. It is particularly useful for planners but also contains a lot of good quality general advice.


  • Go Jobs: A Korean government website for searching public job opportunities, including researchers.
  • Think Contest: A site with essay and thesis contests for burnishing your CV.